Sarah D. (greeneyedsarah) wrote in casey_mears,
Sarah D.


I posted some really great Casey pics I took this weekend at Martinsville in the forum on his website:

And for more, here's my webshots of the whole weekend:

It was a great race... Gordon and Johnson both had great things to say about Casey after the race. I don't know about ya'll, but I was pretty pissed off at Newman for wrecking Casey early... but I was absolutely livid with David Gilliland. Thank God Case didn't hit anything! I think our boy may be headed for 13th spot in the points for the season!

And Casey was just as sweet and adorable as he always is :)

PS- Sorry I haven't kept this community up, but along with the whole fan atmosphere of "Can't wait until next season with HMS" is going and less and less Casey fans have very high expectations for the rest of this season, I have stopped really supporting Ganassi. I keep hearing about Montoya and how he'll be in the 42 as soon as he's cleared to run Cup, and I'm upset that Ganassi would do that to Casey. We'll see how that turns out. But let's still hope for a win for Casey in the 42 before season's end!
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