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jack daniel's chevrolet

casey mears fans <3
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casey_mears is a place for Casey fans to discuss each race, the rumors, and the drama. We want to hear personal Mearsgang experiences and your Casey fan stories. :) Also welcome in this community are graphics you've made, pictures you've found, quotes you've read, and anything Nascar you'd like to tell us all about.

There are a few rules...
-All posts must be Nascar-related. I'm not limiting it to Casey only, just Nascar only.
-Absolutely no drama. None. At all. Respect one another, for goodness sake. And anyone that starts this "Casey's mine. I'm going to marry him." crap is banned without warning.
-Advertising is allowed. But it must be Nascar-related! Please.
-HAVE FUN! We should get along well in our love and adoration for Case. We are, in fact, the Mearsgang!

greeneyedsarah & beautifulxmoon