Sarah D. (greeneyedsarah) wrote in casey_mears,
Sarah D.

Mod Post... first of 2007.

Okay kids! It's gettin' close to that time... Casey has been testing at Daytona with Jimmie and the season is about to begin!

So, with that being said, I have updated the layout of the community and turned it into the new and improved #25 scheme. Hope ya'll like it :)

Here's a little Casey tidbit for ya--

I have some new Casey icons if anyone wants to use them. Just look in my icons and anything that says "made by greeneyedsarah" is free for the taking, as long as you credit me please :)

How are ya'll feeling about Casey's move to HMS now? I'd love to get some dialogue going on that. I'm really excited for him. This could finally be what he needs to get in the Chase and contend for a Championship. Thoughts on that?

Oh, and tell your friends about the community!! The season is drawing near!

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