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Just to let you guys know, Casey will no longer have a merchandise trailer at races. You can find his stuff at Stremme's trailer. Casey will still be signing, so check Stremme's trailer for the times.

In other news, Silly Season is still going strong, and there's some messed up stuff going on in Nascar right now. I'd like to hear some opinions them.

*In the last lap at Indy, the caution flag did not come out when Robby Gordon and Greg Biffle spun. The Nascar rules clearly state that the caution flag is to come out with the checkered flag immediately if a wreck occurs after the white flag has flown. For some reason it didn't. If it had, Kasey Kahne would not have kept racing Tony Stewart, causing his scary wreck, and he would have finished in the top ten and would not have fallen out of the top ten in points. Once again, Nascar is not being consistent with enforcing it's own rules. Thoughts?

*Jeremy Mayfield is not currently listed as an employee of Evernham Motorsports, and Bill Elliot will be replacing him this weekend. Feelings? Personally, I think there's a very big issue in that team, and I don't know what it is. Jeremy is a good driver who made the Chase last season.

*Dale Jr. has released Mark McFarland in the Busch Series from the Navy car. Junior thanked Mark for all the work, but said as a car owner he needed to keep the sponsors happy, and they weren't. Feelings on that?

*Anybody see the Ricky Bobby movie this weekend? How do you feel about it? Some people are saying it portrayed Nascar fans to be stupid. But if you remember, Will Ferrell also portrayed news anchors to be stupid. I don't think it was meant to hurt our feelings-- just make us laugh at ourselves!

*Rumors are saying neither Casey nor Elliott Sadler will be in their cars after the Chase begins. If this happens, I'd look for Elliott to ride in the #19 the rest of the season, and I'm willing to bet HMS would scrap up a quick team for Casey.

Also, sorry I haven't been updating much lately. I am moving into an apartment at my college and finishing up the last few days of my summer job. I should be back here and going strong by tomorrow afternoon :D
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