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Penn. 500 at Pocono Raceway

Lap 001 -- Casey is starting 31st, 2nd best of the Ganassi cars (Reed qualified 23rd, David 42nd). Once again, the 42 team couldn't produce a very good qualifying time.
Lap 025 -- Mayfield taps Waltrip and the field scatters... no caution.
Lap 031 -- CAUTION: Bowyer crowds Stewart into Turn 3, pushing him up the track. Stewart gets loose, corrects, and retaliates against the rookie, slamming into the right side of Bowyer's car. Bowyer loses it and plows into Carl Edwards. Heavy damage to both cars, but Stewart goes along unharmed.
Lap 034 -- Tony Stewart black-flagged.
Lap 040 -- Stewart gets around Newman, back on the lead lap.
Lap 050 -- Casey is up to 28th, working with teammate Reed Sorenson.
Lap 065 -- CAUTION: Kyle Petty hits the wall hard. Carl Edwards spins Stewart around coming into the pits, getting revenge for the earlier wreck.
Lap 068 -- Carl Edwars is black-flagged.
Lap 075 -- CAUTION: Debris on the track.
Lap 088 -- CAUTION: Dale Jr. is bump-drafted by Dave Blaney on the backstretch, loses it, and hits the wall.
Lap 089 -- Casey goes into the pits 22nd, comes out 5th. Two tires and gas only.
Lap 100 -- Casey is 14th. His older tires are really slowing him down.
Lap 125 -- Green-flag pit stops. Casey comes down pit road for 4 tires and fuel under green.
Lap 131 -- Casey is 14th.
Lap 149 -- CAUTION: Debris on the track.
Lap 179 -- CAUTION: Scott Wimmer blows a tire.
Lap 182 -- Restart... Casey is 17th.
Lap 200 -- Casey finishes 23rd. Denny Hamlin, who led most of the laps today, wins.

Not a great day for Casey. His car was horrible, and when he took 2 tires and came out of the pits 5th, he went straight back. I don't know about you guys, but I know Casey is a better driver than consistently finishing 20th-25th. I understand teams having a bad day and not being able to run well, but not every week. Instead of having a bad day every now and then, the 42 team has a good day every now and then. :(

The big story today, however, was Tony Stewart. Clint Bowyer was crowding Tony going into Turn 3, and Tony got loose and corrected. But coming out of Turn 3, Tony slammed into Clint, which pushed Clint into Carl Edwards. Tony was black-flagged, but Carl was upset and next time he was near him, he sorta waved at Tony, and Tony gave him the finger. So, Carl turned Tony going into the pit lane. He said he waited to do it till he was sure it wouldn't mess anyone up. It didn't, but Carl was also black-flagged. In the post race interview, Tony chastised young drivers in the series, saying they needed to learn how to drive. Thoughts on that?

In any case, Casey is still 15th in the points standings, 292 points out of the cutoff for the chase. There are now only 6 races until the chase, and the Brickyard is next weekend. Can Casey still make the chase? Of course. If Jimmie Johnson and Matt Kenseth have some unfortunate luck, everyone will gain some ground on them. But it will be very hard to gain on them with the mid-pack finishes he's had all season. Do you think he can do it?

Also, could you guys help spread the word about this community? Just a little note in your journal, or maybe telling any of your lj friends you know likes Casey. I'd really like to see our little community grow :)
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